Welcome to Willows Bazaar Boutique!

     "Life is made up of memories and special moments.  I believe that the perfect outfit can make those moments even more extraordinary and memorable. As a clothing designer and the owner of Willows Bazaar Boutique, it is my mission to create a space full of those super special pieces. 

     Along with my goal of making women feel as confident as ever, creating awareness about the global impact of the fashion industry is also incredibly important to me.  Fast fashion has such a harsh impact on the environment and the people involved, and even though I am just one person, my hope is that by sharing my desire for an ethical fashion industry CAN make a difference.  Sharing my hand made designs is one thing, but also by sharing the process behind the scenes through Willows' blog, my goal is to create awareness around the work that goes into the clothes we buy and wear every day.  Clothes have the power to make us feel beautiful, but feeling beautiful does not have to make the world ugly.

      Cassidy originally founded Willows Bazaar to be a fun, one stop shop for adventure, trendiness, travel and mom life inspiration.   My goal as the new owner of Willows is to continue Cassidy’s mission of creating a lovable shopping space, curated with trendy styles for every adventure whether that be beach bumming, exotic travel, hiking, fitness, and any memorable moment in between."


XoXo, Chelsea